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03.05.2024 Notice for Website - Refunds to Possession View PDF
03.05.2024 List A - Homebuyers with Refund Options View PDF
03.05.2024 List B - Homebuyers failed in repayment of refunded amount in 39 Projects View PDF
03.05.2024 List C - Homebuyers failed to repay the refunded amount other than 39 projects View PDF
15.04.2024 Notice – Refunds to Homebuyers View PDF
15.04.2024 Notice – Refunds to the Fixed Deposit Holders View PDF
15.04.2024 Notice – Payments to Ex-employees View PDF
04.04.2024 Unitech Invites aplications for the post of General Manager (Contracts & Projects) View PDF
01.04.2024 Payment Deferment View PDF
19.12.2023 Change of Option from Refund to Possession View PDF
Bids Extension Notice View PDF
30.11.2023 Pre-bid clarifications View PDF
21.11.2023 Unitech Compilation of IAs View PDF
16.11.2023 Clarifications to the queries raised in Pre-bid meeting held on 16.11.2023 for Lot 3 tenders View PDF
12-11-2023 Public Notice View PDF
Earlier Approved Layout-Wild Flower Country View PDF
Revised Layout-Wild Flower View PDF
10-11-2023 Public Notice View PDF
06.11.2023 Notice - Change of Options View PDF
04.11.2023 List of 49 Tenders View PDF
04.11.2023 Notice for Homebuyers View PDF
30.10.2023 Note on Hearing on View PDF
10.10.2023 Public Notice View PDF
09.10.2023 Unitech’s Note placed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court during the hearing on 09.10.2023 View PDF
Unitech’s I.A. No. 205642 of 2023. View PDF
Public Notice – Noida 117 Projects View PDF
23.08.2023 Public Notice on Status of Tenders View PDF
Public Notice Chennai Based Project View PDF
SITC for the replacement of old Lifts at UNITECH Trade Centre Gurugram View PDF
SITC for the replacement of old Lifts at UNITECH Cyber Park Gurugram View PDF
08.06.2023 Notice for Anthea Floor Plans View PDF
Original & Revised Floor Plans for 160 sqm/191.36 sqyds Type E View PDF
Original & Revised Floor Plans for 200 sqm/239.2 sqyds Type D View PDF
Original & Revised Floor Plans for 250 sqm/299 sqyds Type DC View PDF
Original & Revised Floor Plans for 300 sqm/358.8 sqyds Type C View PDF
Original & Revised Floor Plans for 420sqm/502.32 sqyds Type B View PDF
30.05.2023 Notice for Homebuyers for Payment of Balance dues View PDF
List of tenders Lot 2 View PDF
Status update on invitation of Tenders Award of Contracts View PDF
09.03.2023 Public Notice reg. Statutory Approvals granted by the Director General, Town & Country Planning, Haryana View PDF
02.03.2023 Status of Consents Received for Noida Projects as on 2.03.2023 View PDF
Refund to FD Holders – Approved List View PDF
07.02.23 Notice for FD Holders for refund on the ground of Medical exigency View PDF
17.08.2022 Re-scheduling of the revised Payment Plan – Notice to Homebuyer of Unitech Group View PDF
13.10.2022 Revised Notice for Homebuyers in whose cases Refunds have been approved by Hon’b;le Supreme Court vide its order dated 13:10:2022 View PDF
Annexure 12 : List of 220 cases approved for Refund to Homebuyers View PDF